Welcome to Double "M" Farm, a naturally gaited, keg shod, racking horse farm located in Northwest Alabama. Owned by Richard &
Teresa Moore. Our farm was named Double "M" after a special person very dear to us,  Murray Moore.  Mr. Murray was Richard's
grandfather who lived on the land where our barn was built. After his passing, we wanted to instill only good memories of the land and
we did this with our horses.

Double M recently added a new stallion to our family, Mister Twister. Twister is of the "Rowdy" bloodline and is the premiere stallion
of Double M Farm. Special thanks to the Stanley Family for allowing Twister to be purchased & loved by Double M Farm.  

Our focus at Double M  is on training, and showing the naturally gaited, intelligent, keg shod, "Racking Horse".  All horses here at
Double "M" Farm are bred to perform a  4 beat rack with a natural lift in the front without any device other than a keg shoe. Our
emphasis is not on speed, however we trail ride and show horses with above average speed that are keg shod. We breed for class but
the speed is just icing on the cake. Whether in the show ring or out on the trail, class & style is our main objective. Visitor's Welcome
at All Times.